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Winterization and Water Turn-On Services

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Winterizations and Water Turn-Ons

Avoid expensive repairs and water damage of your beach house with our full service winterizations.  For more than 35 years, clients have trusted our guaranteed winterizations. 

  • Full plumbing winterization of seasonal vacation homes

  • Spring start-up of plumbing for seasonal vacation homes

  • Winterization of outdoor showers, outdoor kitchens, and all other outdoor plumbing

  • Winter House Watch service also available

  • See below for the winterization or water turn-on request form


Winterization and water turn-on seasons tend to be the busiest.  To best serve you, please reserve your winterization or turn-on appointment at least three weeks in advance. 


Schedule water turn-on or winterization



Seasonal Beach House Tips

  • The safest bet is to have a professional fully winterize your home to avoid plumbing problems and costly water damage.

  • Winterize all outdoor plumbing, including outside showers, outdoor kitchens, dock water lines, irrigation systems, and non frost-free hose bibs by the end of September.

  • Make sure boiler antifreeze is installed on hydronic heating systems.

  • If you choose not to use a professional to winterize:

    • If you leave water turned on at the street, make certain that the water main is shut off, the heat is turned on, and any water main piping between the street and water main shut-off is protected from the elements and crawl space vents are closed (if applicable).

    • Have a wifi thermostat installed.  Wifi thermostats can send an alert to you if the temperature inside drops below your set temperature.  Heating systems can fail and if you don't use a professional to winterize, the consequences can be costly.

    • If you have hydronic heating (hot water baseboard heat), make certain you have boiler antifreeze installed to protect those lines in the event of a power or heating system failure.

    • Make sure appliances that use water (dishwasher, icemakers, washing machines, etc.) are properly winterized.

    • McCollum Home Services can help with winterization, wifi thermostat installations, boiler antifreeze, and checking on your home during the winter. 


Winterization or Water Turn On Request Form

Schedule Turn-On or Winterizaton
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