​Emergency plumbing service, repairs, fixture and appliance installations, gas piping, home remodeling, and new construction services.  We also offer installation service for the newly required water meters. 



Emergency heating service; heating sytem check-ups and preventive maintenance; furnace, boiler, and heat pump repairs and installations; annual preventive maintenance; ductwork repair and replacements; home remodeling; and installation of HVAC systems for new construction.


Beginning March of 2021, Walt McCollum Plumbing, Heating, Cooling will participate in the Mission of Hope program:

  •  We will donate $20 per new Service Club annual HVAC preventive maintenance membership.

  •  We will donate $20 per new water heater installed.

  •  We will donate $20 per new air conditioning condenser installed.

  •  We will donate $20 per new furnace installed.

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Safety first!

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Emergency air conditioning service, air conditioning repairs and installations; annual preventive maintenance; ductwork repair and replacements; home remodeling; and installation of HVAC systems for new construction.


"After finding out that our kitchen faucet was leaking and needed to be replaced, I contacted Walt McCollum Plumbing. I promptly received a response and was provided with details regarding timing and pricing. None of the other plumbers I contacted got back to me, so I figured I'd go with Walt McCollum. I had contacted them on Monday morning and they came out the very next day to replace the faucet. I was thinking of replacing it myself, but I am so glad I didn't. Robert and Tommy were the individuals assigned to replace my faucet. They came on time as scheduled and were very polite, respectful and professional. While they were replacing the faucet they brought to my attention that a coupling had cracked on the hot water line. I had noticed this coupling a little while ago but didn't think much of it considering it wasn't leaking or showing any sign of significant deterioration. However, Robert & Tommy indicated that they felt it would be in my best interest to replace it before putting in the new faucet. They had all the supplies and tools in their truck to replace it onsite. They promptly replaced the coupling as well as the faucet in less than an hour. They made sure everything was in good working order and made sure I was satisfied with their work, which I was. The coupling they reinforced looks much better and definitely stronger than it ever was before. Their pricing for the repair was very reasonable and they also didn't price gouge me for the parts/supplies needed to fix the coupling part. The next day I received a follow up phone call from Mark, just to make sure I was satisfied with their service and didn't have an issues. Overall, I am so thankful I could trust a contractor, especially these days, and also very thankful that they went above and beyond to notify me of an additional concern that could have resulted in a much bigger problem. I would highly recommend Walt McCollum Plumbing for all your plumbing, heating and cooling needs! They are professional, courteous, diligent, responsive and very reasonable in terms of pricing. I feel much more confident in that I can trust a proven plumbing contractor that is local to our area and one that I can count on to do the job right! Don't waste time searching for plumbers should you need one, Walt McCollum is the easy choice. Hopefully I won't need it, but they will be my plumbing contractor for years to come! Thank you for your great service!"

                                -Martt; Barnegat, NJ